mabelMABEL MUSA is an ambulance nurse. Together with her team, she tours the Liberian countryside in two all-terrain vehicles, picking up the sick in their villages and bringing them to the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU). Mabel struggled for a long time whether to do this job or not as many of her colleagues have died while helping the sick. But together with her boyfriend, Alex Mulbah, she decided to help. It was a decision that has changed her life.


stanley STANLEY JUAH has survived the Ebola virus, yet lost his entire family. The people in his village, Taylor Town, are seeking to take his life. At one point, Stanley was the town’s health agent. When he decided to take his son out of quarantine in Monrovia and bring him home, everybody said, he shouldn’t do it; the risk was just too high. But Stanley went through with it, nonetheless. His son took ill and infected not only his own family, but more than 20 people in Taylor Town as well; fourteen of them died.

TawooTAWOO BONO, his mother Gbelawoh and his aunt Ponawenee bear the signs of the fever. Frightened, they are standing at the edge of the forest, waiting to be brought to the Treatment Unit. For Ponawenee, however, it is already too late – she will be dead four days later. Tawoo wins his battle against the virus and survives. He mourns the dead, but he is also strong. Step by step, Tawoo takes back his life; he starts to cut down trees again and tills his soil.


reverendREVEREND VICTOR G. PADMORE Even though fewer and fewer people become infected and although the dying has ended, the distrust that the Ebola virus has sown is far from overcome. Nobody knows this better than Reverend Padmore who takes care of a large community in Bong. For weeks and weeks, he has been trying to mediate between Taylor Town and Stanley. He believes Stanley must ask the people of Taylor Town for forgiveness – only then will he be able to find peace.

With great emotional depth we follow three main interconnected characters through the outbreak and the difficult process of healing, which has just begun.